It don’t matter.

It don’t matter.

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I’d imagine Silent Hill could be a pretty fun place.

Didn’t feel like drawing to much today… so I sat down and drew anyway. Ended up trying a few new tools and brushes.

Sorry about the inactivity, got a nice little injury on my drawing arm while working out. It isn’t completely healed yet, but it’s feeling better so I thought I’d sketch a bit. Hopefully I can get back to work on some serious stuff next week.

This is my current project

A simple flash game based in the Archie Sonic Universe. You play as a anon who is transported to the world Mobius and finds a mysterious watch with the ability to stop time, the “Stop Watch”(heh).

You’ll be able to interact with various characters from the comics, or simply stop time and fuck them in animated sequences. 

The engine itself is finished, now it’s just drawing and animating the characters and giving the game a light story. I’ll update as I go. 

(also, sorry if Nicole looks off in any way, I drew her quickly off model to see how good I could get my line art and coloring in flash. She’ll be on model in the game.)

various sketches.

She’s a qt.

She’s a qt.